CMKL Tech Summit 2018: Artificial Intelligence - The Future is Here
Dec 13, 2018 9:30 AM
THB 12,000
About this event:

CMKL Tech Summit 2018 brings together world experts from Carnegie Mellon to share and discuss about AI.

Thailand's first AI Summit

Thailand’s first AI summit will be held in Bangkok for corporates, entrepreneurs to learn deeper structures of AI and how this revolutionary technology will change the course of industries and the way we work.

As AI is the hot topic in the tech and corporate business world, the summit will cover key case studies, such asAgriculture, Healthcare and Retail etc in order to help businesses apply this technology. Learning and educating yourself about AI is a crucial step for your business and employees to progress as tech begins to drive the world forward. World Class Speakers from Carnegie Mellon University will be on hand to explain the path to corporate innovation and develop the understanding of the AI model structures that will enhance and revolutionize businesses in key industries. By collaborating universities that have the drive, knowledge and platforms for AI innovation with developed corporate businesses will see the key elements of this AI technology merge with Thailand 4.0.

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C-Asean, CW Tower
December 13, 2018
9.30am - 8.30pm
300 tickets
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